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Byron Varvarigos - Fine Artist

Byron Varvarigos

Byron Varvarigos

Wynnewood, PA - United States

''Nature smiles within every bloom, enchanting, refreshing, healing!''

''Flowers have immediate and long-term (positive) effects on emotional reactions, mood, social behaviors and even memory for both males and females.'' ~Evolutionary Psychology-2005.3:104

''The sight of a flower is as marvellous as the vision of God.'' ~Nisargadatta Maharaj

Byron Varvarigos fine art -- 'Photography To Lighten The Heart'

I love the beauty of nature and enjoy trying to capture 'snapshots' of it and sharing them. All flower photos, except those of some bouquets, are of live subjects, in ambient light, and taken without disturbing the setting. My specialty seems to have become photographing floral beauty where and as I find it. All images are copyrighted and have been selling since 1996. I hope you enjoy my photos, and I welcome your comments, promotion and purchases! Best wishes to you!

(Watermarks are for web only and do not appear on purchased prints.)

PS- Please forgive me for not participating in Facebook or Twitter, I seem to be less extroverted as time goes on.

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